Over the past 12 weeks We have been working with Woodlawn School in North Tyne side as part of the Tyne on your side project.

The Group have been working towards their photography OCN qualification which explored “What makes a good photograph?” and also learning about the rule of thirds and different angles they can use taking a standard photograph to make it look professional.

The group have been gaining new Photography skills and learning how to present themselves during interviews including writing CVs in our employability side of Tyne on your side, including confidence building and team building.

They’ve enjoyed gaining new digital skills and doing something different within their classrooms.

‘’I want to gain a new skill this year, I am excited to learn how to take photos.’’

‘’Thank you for making me feel a part of something.’’

“I feel more confident in my future goals”

Here’s just a couple of photographs the young people produced:

Thank you to the North Tyne combined authority for making this project possible.


A unique trip brought a group of young people from London and North-East England together for an unforgettable residential in the breathtaking Yorkshire Dales.  

Young people headed to Ingleborough Hall and were given the opportunity to take part in exhilarating outdoor activities such as gorge walking, archery and tree climbing, as well as media and photography sessions in the local village and surrounding areas, to capture the scenic beauty of the countryside.

We aim to empower young people to have a voice, through the use of multi-media and this residential served as a testament to the creative and unique way we engage young people in media and journalism. 

Ahamd, “I had one of the best trips in life. Archery was a great experience and the gorge walking and climbing activities were great. Meeting other young people from outside my local area was great and being able to make more friends was good. Huge thank you to all the staff for planning this trip. I will remember this trip for a very long time.” 

Saba, “Gorge walking was absolutely thrilling! Scaling rocky terrains was both scary and exhilarating. It’s an experience I’ll cherish forever.”

Ermias, “I really enjoyed doing the photography in the village and seeing all the nature was good. I really enjoyed the whole trip.”

Rob Austin, Headliners (UK) Project Officer praised the young people for their resilience and enthusiasm during the residential: “The residential was much more than giving the young people a reward after finishing our projects, it was about young people pushing their own boundaries, learning new skills, sharing their stories and creating connections with other young people. It was incredible to witness the young people grow in confidence during the experience”. 

The experience not only provided thrilling adventures but also offered a platform for young people to express themselves, develop their skills, and forge lasting friendships. As they return home with unforgettable memories and a renewed zest for life, these young individuals are now better equipped to face the challenges of the future with confidence and determination.

This event was made possible thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, The Edward Gostling Foundation and the Santander Foundation.

We would also like to thank Tesco for their generous donation of toiletries for the young people to use at the residential event.


Sanctuary Songs is an academic conference and arts festival that takes place at Newcastle University, during UNHCR Refugee week, which is from the 19th-25th June.

We had the privilege of  participating in the cultural festival which is an annual exhibition that featured visual art, sound installations and live performances by refugees and people seeking asylum.

During the exhibition we showcased some of the extraordinary work completed by young asylum seekers and refugees who participated in our Aiming High Project.

Some of the photography work that was displayed at the exhibition was created by Alie, who participated in our project from September 2022-January 2023. He took some incredible photos of Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside.

“Aiming High” supports young asylum seekers and refugees based in Newcastle, Gateshead, South Tyneside and North Tyneside. Throughout the project, the young people learn different ways to communicate using various digital platforms, learn about the importance of cyber security and how to use technology safely, are encouraged to evaluate the trustworthiness of information that they access and are supported through the basics of budgeting using websites and apps.

The young people also have the opportunity to work towards an OCN accreditation in photography and audio (podcasting) to enable them to share them their story and gain a qualification.

Thank you to the Santander Foundation for funding our Aiming High Project and thank you to Newcastle University for supporting us to participate in the exhibition.