Bright Sparks

Our Bright Sparks project is funded through Northern Gas Networks, in the wake of the financial crisis people are struggling more than ever. Our project aims to help young people aged 16-25 who are living independently or who are carers for family members in order to save money on their energy bills through advice and tools to support them.

In the North East of England, 14.4% of Households live in Fuel Poverty. Our project officers deliver a youth focussed session on energy efficiency and give young people a kit of practical tools focussed around saving energy. Following this, the young people will receive ongoing support phone calls after the session to give further advice and find out if they have noticed a difference in their energy spending. 

In order for the young people to be eligible for the project they must be entitled to sign up to the priority register and they:

  • or someone in their household; relies on medical equipment, have refrigerated medicines, have a serious or chronic illness, have a disability or is living with dementia
  • have children under five in your household or are pregnant
  • have mental health difficulties
  • don’t speak English well or struggles to communicate efficiently
  • have no sense of smell or you would struggle to smell gas
  • would struggle to answer the door or get help in an emergency
  • are recovering from an injury