What We Do

A Voice for Young People

Our charity has a near 30-year track record of inspiring children and young people to investigate and challenge the world around them. Our programmes improve confidence, skills, resilience and aspirations and we involve young people in decision making from project to strategic planning.

We provide a platform to enable and empower children and young people to share and amplify their voices, so they are heard. We use multi-media programmes and tools to help young people learn new skills, engage with other people from different backgrounds and give them the means to make good choices in their own lives.

Young people are involved in decision making across the organisation and four of our Trustees are former participants in the Headliners (UK) programme.

We work with young people in London, North East England and Northern Ireland.

“What really helped me is the employability side. I lacked confidence in this and just didn’t know where to start. After working with Headliners, I feel so much more confident and positive about my future because I have been given some really good skills in interviewing, mapping out my future and building my experiences though volunteering.”

“It’s exciting to know that my photography work will have a lasting impact as it’s going to be displayed in an exhibition with Headliners. From someone who never shared anything that I created before to having something up for public display is a really big thing for me. If I thought back to what things were like last year, I could never have imagined it happening.”

Tyne on Your Side programme participants

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where young people’s voices are heard, where they believe in themselves, are empowered and able to make positive choices and changes for themselves and for others.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a platform for young people to share their voices, positively challenge the world around them, build their self-confidence and promote young people’s right to be heard as equals.

Our Cornerstones:

  • All young people have voices and views that are respected and listened to.
  • All young people are talented, creative and deserve to be nurtured and supported to create a positive future.
  • All young people deserve equal access to inclusive opportunities and the resources they require to fulfil their potential.
  • All young people matter and our role is to provide support and opportunities for them to identify and develop their own strengths.
  • All young people should feel safe, have a safe space and be supported without judgement
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Our Operating Principles:

  • Consult, empower and involve young people in decision making and day to day activities.
  • Create a safe space for young people.
  • Build positive relationships between our workforce and young people.
  • Have a youth-centred approach and begin our support where the young person is at in their lives.
  • Use inclusive multi-media, journalism and story-telling practical skills-based activities
  • Each young person is empowered to create their own content for each project or activity
  • Promote social mixing, cohesion and opportunities for young people to make friends
  • Ensure effective and efficient use of our charity’s resources
  • Ensure consistent management, leadership and good governance principles are adopted across all elements of the charity’s operations.