Headliners supports young people with its unique multi-media journalism programme.  Young people research and produce stories for about issues that concern them and campaign for change in their communities.  

Through our programme, young people develop their language, digital and media skills; improve their confidence, and learn about the world around them.  

Recent videos produced as part of our Breaking Through the Headlines programme.

Our charity has a near 30-year track record of inspiring young people to investigate and challenge the world around them. Our programmes improve confidence, skills, resilience and aspirations and we involve young people in decision making from project to strategic planning.

We provide a platform to enable and empower young people to share and amplify their voices, so they are heard. We use multi-media programmes and tools to help young people learn new skills, engage with other people from different backgrounds and give them the means to make good choices in their own lives.

Young people are involved in decision making across the organisation some of our Trustees are former participants in the Headliners (UK) programme.

We primarily work with young people in North East England and have a base in the Ouseburn Area of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

“It’s exciting to know that my photography work will have a lasting impact as it’s going to be displayed in an exhibition with Headliners. From someone who never shared anything that I created before to having something up for public display is a really big thing for me. If I thought back to what things were like last year, I could never have imagined it happening

Tyne on your side project participant.
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