As part of the London Green Champions project, a group of young people share what they think about London’s Environment.

Our latest London Green Champions project is comprised of a group of young refugee and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Honduras, Eritrea, Iran and Sri Lanka and Sudan. As part of the project, the group have been exploring the local green and blue spaces in their communities and learning how to use multimedia to capture their appreciation for the natural environment.

One aspect of media, the group have been particularly interested in, is journalistic interviewing skills. After kitting up and heading out to their local park, the group set out to interview one another on their experience in London, sharing their opinions on what is good and bad about London’s environment and how they believe it can be improved.

The group had mixed views on the climate of the UK, cleanliness, and accessibility in London, but all agree that we can work together to improve our local environment through litter picking, planting and using public transport.

Keep an eye out to see what our London Green Champions are up to as they aim to improve their local community.