Aiming High – Alie’s Story

Alie has only been living in the UK since this summer and is currently living in Newcastle a city that has become his safe space and is very welcoming. He has really enjoyed the Aiming High project and has really embraced it, he has learnt a lot of new skills within our budgeting, banking and photography workshops. Alie took a genuine interest in learning how to use the our DSLR camera’s.

‘I have really enjoyed this project, Rob has been so welcoming and really made me feel safe within Newcastle, I have gained so many skills during the project, my English skills in both speaking and writing has improved a lot’.

‘Newcastle is a very lovely city but very cold’.

This week was Alie’s first experience of snow, he told us as the start of the project that seeing snow for the first time was something he was really excited about.

‘Just this weekend I saw snow for the time, it is so magical, but so cold’.

This project would not be possible without the support of the Santander Foundation