Over the past 12 weeks We have been working with Woodlawn School in North Tyne side as part of the Tyne on your side project.

The Group have been working towards their photography OCN qualification which explored “What makes a good photograph?” and also learning about the rule of thirds and different angles they can use taking a standard photograph to make it look professional.

The group have been gaining new Photography skills and learning how to present themselves during interviews including writing CVs in our employability side of Tyne on your side, including confidence building and team building.

They’ve enjoyed gaining new digital skills and doing something different within their classrooms.

‘’I want to gain a new skill this year, I am excited to learn how to take photos.’’

‘’Thank you for making me feel a part of something.’’

“I feel more confident in my future goals”

Here’s just a couple of photographs the young people produced:

Thank you to the North Tyne combined authority for making this project possible.